About me

In advertising since 2001.

He started as an agent, led the advertising department, was a marketer for a chain of stores. Opened an advertising agency and other projects. In the beginning, the agency did everything – they printed and distributed leaflets, BTL-promotions and events, placed advertisements on boards, radio, newspapers and TV (ATL), outdoor advertising, souvenirs. Layout design, audio and video recording, writing texts, slogans, inventing names, PR, website development, seo, online advertising.

Everything that could be created or resold passed through us. As an owner and director, I had to figure everything out – from basic knowledge to a good level. Now it is much more difficult for contractors to deceive me)

As a result, the office of the agency was closed and I began to work where I want, with whom I want, attracting for this exactly those specialists who are needed here and now, and not those who I will pull on the salary for office time.

I attended hundreds of trainings, master classes, forums, conferences on advertising, marketing, the Internet, etc. Learning continues every day.

What I faced – from the sale of socks to production lines. Projects were carried out in various markets – B2B, B2C, B2G.

With whom he worked – from noname private entrepreneurs to TOP-10 companies in Ukraine and Global 500.

In recent years, I have been leading projects in Ukraine, in the countries of the "ex-USSR", Europe and America – marketing, consulting, digital.

You will not find customer logos on the site. Of course, you can put the logo of world brands, but why? If necessary, I will provide, upon request, cases that I have implemented on your topic or in a similar market.

Always glad to constructive dialogue. Contact us!