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It all starts with a problem to be solved. Different goals — different tools to achieve them.

What I propose:
— advertising
— marketing
— consulting

Often projects include things that I don't do. In this case, it is possible to connect colleagues whom I have known for a long time and can recommend.

Close almost all questions:
— advertising — placing anything, anywhere
— targeting, social networks, SMM, websites, search promotion
— creative, design, audio and video production, copywriting ... and much more

In short:

Advertising — selection of media channels, creation of advertising messages, placement and analytics.

Marketing — it all starts with an audit: what is offered (product / service), to whom (target audience) and why they should buy it.
It is advisable to analyze advertising activities and marketing:
— what has already been done
— what were the results
— why did it work or not
After understanding the situation, you can discuss the tasks and my participation in the further marketing fate of your business. It may turn out that the goals were initially set incorrectly or require correction.

Consulting — good and useful "advice" on advertising, marketing, sales, business development options, and other issues that are within my competence. If not in the topic — I'll tell you who to contact.

— free (short) — I tell you WHAT you can do. Options for your business, taking into account opportunities and threats
— for money (extended) — I delve into the specifics of your business, study the situation, write a promotion plan in the theses. I tell you WHAT you can do, HOW to do it and with whom. You get a checklist, links to related resources or services. Additional materials, if applicable

Talk and discuss? This does not obligate you to anything.

Application for consultation at the link

— Is free
— I'm proposing
— You make a proposal on the budget, and I stand up to it. As an option — a pilot project (test drive), which will give an understanding of whether it is worth continuing

As you can see, there is a choice

Who do I work with — marketers, top management or business owners.
With whom I do not work — with whom I do not want to work, with those whom I cannot help.

How to get started — contact me and describe the task. We will discuss.

Always glad to constructive dialogue. Contact us!